[PINS story_Memorial pins]

Appreciate for ordering from Nihon Ryori Culture Committe (日本料理文化交流協会様)


In 1992, Mr. Hirohisa Koyama, who is a Japanese chef of the restaurant Aoyagi and the president of this association began to spread the Japanese culinary culture in France. Japanese cuisine has been regarded as intellectual property and authentic Japanese culture and is being actively exported. For the reason, Nihon Ryori Culture Committee was founded in December 2006 for promoting Japanese cuisine abroad.

The gala dinner event which organized by Nihon Ryori Culture Committee had supported for reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. These pins which have the logo express N (as Nihon, Japanese) and R (as Ryori, Cuisin) were delivered in the even as sort of the Memorial goods.

Mr. Joel Robuchon who is a well-known French chef and restaurateur was invited one of the celebrity guest at that time.

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